“I WILL be more successful than last year.” – How to make it happen.

On the 31 March the slate was wiped clean, the excesses of the prior financial year can be forgotten and the only person left interested will be the tax department.

As a new financial year begins, so does an opportunity to change your fortunes. Taking immediate steps to take control of your business and plan for success can see your pockets lined for the rest of the year.

How do you do this? Well it’s not a new revelation, it’s the tried and true method of setting a goal or plan and sticking to it.

But much like the gym subscription you joined up for in spring last year it requires dedication and effort to pull it off, the difference is that in business when you achieve goals you don’t experience the blood sweat and tears you might endure at the gym. Come to think about it there’s really only upside to setting your goals.

The degree of success in achieving your goals is another thing, but just like the personal trainers at the gym there are “business advisors” to guide you on your way and hold you accountable.

As business advisors we can guide you with professional wisdom and guidance as you head on your goal seeking endeavours. Like a doctor we use diagnoses such as S.W.O.T, Situation Analysis, S.M.A.R.T, Key Performance Indicators, Strategy Maps, DiSC profiles. But to be honest you don’t need to know that. You just need to know that we know how to use those tools to get the best outcome for you. We know how to position the carrot just in front of you so it keeps you motivated and we even let you take the occasional bite as a reward.

Come this time next year you could be rewarding yourself with that long overdue overseas holiday that you can now afford, or perhaps you’ve got things to a point in your business where you can step back from the day to day work and focus more on yourself and maximising the future direction of the business.

There really isn’t much to lose, put it this way, even if you are only half as successful as what you planned by engaging us as your business advisor’s your still 50% better off than you otherwise would have been.

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