Does your accountant understand your business?

Evolve Accounting was born out of our experience that many accountants in practice are focused on preparing tax returns, some give business advice but all too often it is generic and doesn’t provide a great deal of insight on how to make YOUR business better.

We’ve devised a list of questions you should be asking your accountant about your business and your industry. If they can’t answer these with confidence then you may be hampering your businesses future success.

The list is by no means exhaustive but should give you some good “food for thought”

Does your accountant know:

  • The margins expected in the trades? ; and more importantly advise on strategies to improve these?
  • What the current charge out rates are for your team and whether you are under or over the industry standard?
  • How to advise on generating better cashflow in the construction sector?
  • The varying legislation and compliance you are increasingly having to undertake? Can they advise on some of the available solutions out there to reduce this burden?
  • Other professionals working in the trade sector that you can be referred to if need help?
  • How to structure your affairs to protect you and your family if an event of financial trouble occurred?

Has this list got you wondering…. Maybe it’s time to evolve…….

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