Payroll Payday Filing April 2019

You have been sent a bit of information already on Pay Day Filing, but here’s a quick snapshot of how the next couple of months will look as we transition.  Put these dates in your diary …


From 1 April – for payruns you make to your employees from 1 April – this information will be filed direct to the IRD using the New Pay Day Filing functionality in Xero.  It’s really simple and a few clicks to do this.  See the attached link Pay Day Filing Instructions


Before 3pm 18th AprilFile March using the old method (note, normally you would do this on the 20th, but the myIR services won’t be available during the 18-26 April).  This will be the old method of filing, but the portal looks a bit different   Filing your March return


20 Maymake your PAYE Payment for April.  To confirm the amount to pay – Click on Taxes and Filing in Xero and click on the Filing Period 1 – 30 April to see the Amount Payable.  Pay this through your Online Banking as you would normally.  Remember, you have already filed the information throughout the month of April upon processing each payrun, so now you have to make the physical payment to the IRD for the PAYE that you have filed.