A successful business is more than just the latest tools

Successful construction businesses know how to tackle the minefield of insolvent customers, red tape and time delays, and the industry’s highly cyclical nature.

Not many become successful by chance, those that are achieving are doing so because they are focused on the future and the efficiency gains that are needed to soar above the rest.  Technology is paramount and helps in providing leverage of the people, resources, and business needs to meet these goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole trader plumber or if you are a large construction firm, you each have a series of challenges ahead of you and we are here to help you through those.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get it done.

How can Evolve Accounting help?

We attract businesses working in the construction and trades industry because we have a no-nonsense approach to your needs, whilst also having a good understanding of the challenges and frustrations you have.  This makes us well positioned to give you the answers you need, when you need them. 

Accounting & Taxes

Most commonly it’s accounting and taxes that springs to mind when we think of an accountant.  At Evolve Accounting we make sure your year-end taxes get filed on time, take care of preparing your GST returns, and keep you up to date on when your taxes are due.  But we take it one step further and ensure you are utilising all the options available to minimise your tax.

Answering Questions

Throughout the year you will have questions about whether you are doing something right or how to finance your next vehicle purchase.  Because we work with businesses like yours every day we are placed to give you the answers without making a big fuss about it.


To run a successful business you need to have the right systems.  The business requirements for these depends on what industry you are in and what stage of growth you are in.
Systems involve more than just using the awesome Xero accounting software.
You need systems that help you track:

Who owes you money and chase them
Simplifying and keeping on top of the paperwork
Monitoring job performance
Monitoring business performance
Keep a handle on cashflow and more

We know what systems are needed, when, and importantly we know how they work, this means you have support when you need it.


Advice might be one-off help on a particular transaction, sometimes you need a coordinated plan (to be honest everyone should have a plan).  Whatever it is, we’ve done it before.  A key role we fulfil as business advisors is holding you accountable to your business plan or budget.

Here are some examples of they types of advice we get involved in:

Establishing Budgets, Cashflows and Business Plan
Establishing Goals and getting alignment between the business and personal goals
Providing accountability
Systems selection
Leadership styles
Protecting your assets
Corporate Governance & Advisory to Boards

Sound good?  There are no fixed price contracts here, just good honest help, you slice and dice what you need from us when you need it.

Get in Contact, we can help.


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