Don’t let creativity be stifled by red tape and compliance

Architects, the creativity behind good and aesthetically pleasing construction.

Everyone loves great architecture but the Architects role and responsibilities have increased considerably in recent years, with a lot more red tape, documentation and observation.  While these activities are important, they can stifle the architectural creativity your business is known for.  We’ve seen these changes put more and more pressure on bottom line profitability.

Fortunately, there are simple steps that you can take in your business to relieve this pressure and we can guide you through these.

How can Evolve Accounting help?

It probably pains you to hear this but Accountants and Architects are quite similar when it comes to business needs and challenges. Both are professional service industries selling time and value through a coordinated and often repetitive process to deliver an outcome to our client.

What is definitely different though, are the processes in between to deliver the outcome. This is where we have experience with what Architects need.

Accounting & Taxes

Most commonly it’s accounting and taxes that springs to mind when we think of an accountant. Yes we can make sure your year end taxes get filed on time, we can take care of preparing your GST returns, and yes we’ll keep you abreast of when your taxes are due. Naturally we will also ensure you are utilising all the options available to you to minimise your tax.

Answering Questions

Throughout the year you might have a question about whether you are doing something right or whether you should increase/decrease the number of staff you employ. Because we work with businesses like yours every day we are placed to give you the answers without making a big fuss about it.


To run a successful business you need to have systems.  The business requirements for these depend on what industry you are in and what stage of growth you are in. Systems involve more than just using the awesome Xero accounting software. You need systems that help you track:

Who owe you money and follow them up
Simplifying and keeping on top of the paperwork
Track time and manage workload
Monitoring business performance
Keep a handle on cash flow
and more

We know what systems are needed, when, and importantly we know how they work. This means you have support when you need it.


Advice might be one off help on a particular transaction, sometimes you need a co-ordinated plan (to be honest everyone should have a plan). Whatever it is we have done it before. A key role we fulfil as business advisors is holding you accountable to your business plan or budget.

Examples of advice we get involved in:

Establishing Budgets, Cashflows and Business Plan
Establishing Goals and getting alignment between the business and personal goals
Providing accountability
Calculation of realistic employee base and charge out rates
Systems selection
Protecting your assets

Sound good? There are no fixed price contracts here, just good honest help, you slice and dice what you need from us when you need it.

Get in Contact, we won’t bite.


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